tiny.rip - public release

Sharing your images, made easy

Big Depot
500MB depot size for high-quality image sharing.
*auto-delete feature is available*
Personal Profile
Customize your profile, you may appear on the leaderboard.
*Avatar (may be GIF) & theme-color*
Link Options
Set fake urls or choose a domain and plenty of URL-ID options to customize the link to your needs.
*"Fake URL" only works on Discord*
Embed Preview
A detailed Discord-like embed preview. You can customize the embed color and text!

*e.g. "uploaded by $name at $date"*
Profile badges can display your achievements. They are visible on the leaderboard as well.
Blazing Fast
Upload & API response times are one of the best in our field.
*image upload times depend on your own connection, as server processing times are sub 1ms*